Reverse Speech Analysis by Shewolf & Tiffany Fontenot of HRC's Lolita Trip


Reverse Speech by Shewolf and Tiffany Fontenot on Hillary Clinton talking about Fake News, Lolita Moments, and More Dec. 8, 2016

From the Youtube Video:

Titling and interpretation by Tiffany Fontenot

Check Our Work:

*Please feel free to download the IPhone ireversespeech app, the Android Virtual Recorder app, or use ANY other devise that records and will play both forward and backward, to check our work if you like! Go to the video we used on Youtube, record the forward speech of the reversal you’d like to check, then play it backward so that you will hear what we heard. :D

**Reversals found are in quotations followed by the interpretation. If left blank, the interpretation is left open, or was self-explanatory.

***Remember that we DO want to protect ALL our people from these psychopaths without becoming them ourselves in a witch hunt, but I think there is AMPLE information to do AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION regardless of what they tell their corporate-owned-good-ol-buddy-system-news to report to us.

****One more thing before we get to the transcript. The best way to listen and read the transcript is to put up this page on two tabs. Then you can go back and forth quickly from the transcript to the sound and pause the sound as needed. In the transcript: F is for what was said forward. R is for what is said in reverse. [The brackets are around the exact phrase where I found the reverse speech.]

And now, the transcript:

1. “And there is shit in it.” --Incongruent reversal. The kind words she offers about Harry Reid are full of shit in some way. 2. “Don’t hit it from the bottom.” This shows an internal dialogue where Hillary decides not tell her true feeling concerning something about Harry Reid.

3. “I need trust enough and then I get fucked off.” 4. “And, I’ll be real honest.” – Hillary is saying here that she likes fake news just fine as long as it's benefits her such as lying about being fired upon with guns in a foreign country as she was exiting an airplane, for example where she lied to make herself look strong yet victimized by another "bad" country. . But, she doesn't like it at all when it's used to shine a light on her own dark activities, or those that lead back to her that have consequences for her. She professes to be honest about being "fucked" due to consequences stemming from her own behaviors.

5. “I bring an ambush now.” Clinton makes this statement when she announces the death of Senator and former astronaut, John Glenn. She appears to be viewing Glenn’s death as some sort of opportunity to do an ambush of some kind. 6. “They scare with psy.” This possibly alludes to the space program and a psyop such as, but not limited to the recent fly-overs in Turkey and other countries.

7. “Oh hot, nail their Oates.” A past reversal that was very clear from Hillary Clinton was “David Oates is in it” showing concern that her true thoughts will come to light through her own Reverse Speech. The “David Oates is in it” reversal can be heard here on my Facebook page: ( David is the discoverer of Reverse Speech and uses it as a human lie detector. This reversal does not appear to have to do with the forward speech. It does appear to be a threat to David Oates as the thought may have crossed her mind that her speech may be analyzed. David Oates came up on the neocon radar when he discovered and published the code word for Desert Storm 3 months before they released Desert Storm to the public because he kept hearing the same word, “Simone” being used in their Reverse Speech. Now there is a nationwide commercial being used as a gatekeeping device so the public will be programmed to not take Reverse Speech seriously. That can be viewed here: They’ve also had Rachel Maddow do a gatekeeping hit piece on Reverse Speech as well. Be sure...

Dec 11, 2016, 10:15 AM
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