Michael Broughton, Co-Founder at Sports Investment Partners

Dec 13, 2016, 07:30 AM

Michael is a partner and co-founder at Sports Investment Partners, a European investment firm focused purely on driving investment and growth in the sport industry.

Senior operational roles combined with Board level experience in a wide range of business types enable him to have a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the industry – from companies with typical business models (Arena Group) to those exploiting the leveraged operating model that technology can provide (Rightster, Mondogoal, Umbel).

We sat down at his office nr Regent Street in London to chat through; - his role at SIP - what he looks for in a potential investment - how the people involved in a startup are the no.1 most important area to look at, and can they explain their idea simply? - his thoughts on sport social networks including The Dugout - lessons he learned from involvement in Rightster, now Brave Bison, and how it was the right idea but it was the execution that let them down - his love of writing blog posts on LinkedIn and how they instigate debate around them - how the way we sell sport hasn't really changed since 1992 - why Amazon could come in and disrupt the sports market - how consumption habits of people are changing - what his areas of interest are for 2017 - AND his amazing story of sitting down with the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali at a low point in his sporting life and gave him a massive lift (it's worth staying with it to catch this towards the end!) - why he will always find half an hour of time to give people advice on starting their career.

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You can find Michael on LinkedIn and Twitter (@mbrought9)

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