#03 - Automation isn't scary!

Dec 15, 2016, 12:07 PM

The press has already made up its mind about robots taking our jobs with so much automation on the horizon. This great episode of Stories by Onlim, argues that automation has been around for thousands of years and draws on experts from all different industries for their stories and experiences so far, as well as an insight on what is to come.

Automation in production, agriculture, trades, digital media, social media, content marketing, chatbots and machine learning helping with a cure for cancer.

Stories by ONLIM is a production of Onlim.com by Chris Huskins and Ina O’ Murchu.

Onlim are a social media management tool that will help you with your automation. Manage all your social media channels and freely selectable content sources from one single platform. To find out more, head to Onlim.com

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First we hear from Gerry McCormack and Tony Murphy from SIPTU. They work for the biggest trade union in Ireland and helps companies embrace automation. Find out more at http://www.siptu.ie/

Secondly we hear all about Onlim's new chatbot and how they are helping small businesses automate their digital presence. Alexander, CEO of Onlim talks to Ina. http://www.onlim.com

And finally we speak to Sara Magliacane who is a PHD student doing incredible work with data and statistics. Utilising machine learning to help develop cures for big diseases. Find out more at maglia.wordpress.com

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