Ep. #146: Hey, You're Out Of Here!!!

Jun 16, 2016, 08:56 PM

     The kids get thrown out of the announcers booth during a Tucson Saguaro's game. Recorded June 12, 2016 at the Fun House in Bisbee, AZ with Doug Stanhope (@dougstanhope), Chad Shank (@HDFatty), Butters (@Hawk4444), The Anonymous Heckler, and Ggreg Chaille (@gregchaille). Produced and Edited by Ggreg Chaille. LINKS:   Tucson Saguaro's - @TucsonSaguaros - http://www.saguarosbaseball.com/   Wendelstedt School for Umpires - http://www.umpireschool.com/   PIPELiGHTS Band - https://www.facebook.com/pipelightsmusic/   Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool - https://www.dougstanhopescelebritydeathpool.com/   Closing song, "The Love Boat", covered by The Mattoid.   Doug's DVD/CDs are all available at DougStanhope.com Order Doug's book "Digging Up Mother: A Love Story" on Amazon , Barnes & Noble  and at DougStanhope.com