EPISODE #25: Last Gasp Road Stories and Listener Questions

Apr 18, 2014, 03:46 PM

Description: Currently on the LAST GASP tour, Doug goes over show incidents, merch booth etiquette and reads listener questions. This podcast sponsored by Mati Hari's in Savannah, GA and The Underbelly in Jacksonville, FL. Also, find out where hard working comedian Louis Katz is performing.

Recorded Apr 14, 2014 on the road at the Days Inn in Pensacola, FL with Doug Stanhope, Greg Chaille and Bingo. Produced and Edited by Greg Chaille @gregchaille. Intro music "Don't Cut Yr Hair" by Mishka Shubaly. Closing song "Party Time" by The Mattoid. Both available on iTunes.Take a moment to signup for the mailinglist at dougstanhope.com.