Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 17 the Ankle Situation Part 2

Dec 19, 2016, 06:05 AM

On a very personal episode of Conversation with the Big Guy, Ryback talks further about his ankle injury and how it was handled in the WWE. Pat Buck talks about some personal situations in his life as of late, including why he had such a terrible weekend. Other topics include: Coast to Coast, Crossing paths with Colt Cabana, Wake up it's Feeding Time THE BOOK! Vibrating Foam Rollers, Nagging Injuries, Rybuck and the Broken Hardy's vs the EJ5 Working with Bret Hart, a tough battle with Jock Itch, What did Ryback spray his balls with? "it's on her face" Beautiful Nurses and Junk Fungus, Ryback, Vodka and Double Stacks, the swab deal! Rybaxel's hot run, Brains on Porn, How the Podcast has given Ryback the chance to show he's a real guy. All this and much more!!! Follow the Big Guy on Twitter @ryback22 and check out for official gear, loads of multimedia, and announcements you won't find anywhere else. Follow Pat Buck on Twitter @buckneverstops and get information on WrestlePro's upcoming events and so much more at #Ryback #TheBigGuy #PatBuck #CWTBG #ConversationWithTheBigGuy #BrokenMattHardy #TheAnkleSituation #Rybaxel