The Phil & Simon Show No 8 - Social model

Dec 23, 2016, 03:45 PM

It's one for the disability aficionados as Phil & Simon wrestle with the immovable #employmentgap of disabled compared to non-disabled people. We discuss the new report 'Ahead of the Arc' seeking to address this. (Here's the link to the report

Leaving no stone unturned, Phil & Simon debate the limits of the #socialmodel, what is the difference between impairment and illness and where does physical or mental limitation stop and exclusion start. It gets feisty and funny.

There's the most random introduction we've ever done with a chat about Syria and commercial DAB radio. To finish up, we review our personal highlights of 2016...there are some.

This show is deliberately Brexit and Trump free.

A transcript is available on our Facebook page..