Episode 136 – Fat Orange Cat Brewing Company (Mike Klucznik and Sheila Mullen)

Oct 27, 2016, 03:55 AM

Fat Orange Cat Brewing Company in East Hampton is unlike any brewery you’ll come across in the state. Mike, a long time homebrewer, and his wife Sheila converted the garage on their property in East Hampton into a tasting room and brewery. The tasting room is, quite literally, a stone’s throw away from their house. Mike and Sheila sit down with Ken to talk about the challenges they faced in turning their property into a legal, functioning, brewery in the state. They also discuss their beers, the beer scene as a whole and their goals for their project. This episode is brought to you by TRIVIAMANIA, happening 8pm the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (November 22nd) at The Blind Rhino in Norwalk CT. This episode is also brought to you by SONO BOWL 2, happening 4pm on Super Bowl Sunday at The Blind Rhino. Buy tickets for SONO BOWL 2 now at SonoBowl.com. The theme song for the Welcome To Connecticut Podcast is “I Know Where You’ve Been” by Forget The Whale (www.facebook.com/forgetthewhale).