Episode 128 – J.R. Hedrick (Singer/Songwriter)

Sep 01, 2016, 07:51 AM

J.R. Hedrick is a Connecticut based singer/songwriter whose album The Aftermath was released earlier this year on iTunes and Spotify. J.R. makes his way to the home office to chat with Ken about his story growing up, his artistic endeavors, his musical career and the development of his album. This episode is brought to you by the HAKUNA MATATA ACOUSTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL, happening Sunday October 9th at No Worries Brewing Company in Hamden CT. You can get information about the festival at WelcomeCT.com.  It’s also brought to you by The Blind Rhino in Norwalk CT (www.TheBlindRhino.com). The theme song for the Welcome To Connecticut Podcast is “I Know Where You’ve Been” by Forget The Whale (www.facebook.com/forgetthewhale).