First Standout Show of 2017 - New playlist for this week's show.

Jan 03, 2017, 11:00 AM

New Year - New Standout show! Dave and the team bring you another startling array of Alternative Christian music. Here's this week's playlist once, again.

Anthem of the Week: Harmony - Inner peace

The Urban Drop: Palace (feat Bryann Trejo) - Cant Keep Me Vaughn J - Save Love Ronin feat. Chad Browne-Springer – Beyond

The Mix: Tommy Saint - This Is The Life Ginny Owens - The Loudest Voice Salt Of The Sound - Shine So Bright The Silver Pages (Featuring Mona Reeves) - Even In The Valley

Headline Act: Fireflight - Proof Of Our Love Fireflight – Desperate Fireflight - For Those Who Wait

Encore: Skillet – Undefeated