Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 19 the Wellness Policy Part 1

Jan 02, 2017, 07:05 AM

Professional Plugs, Ryback is going to beat the shit out of Colt Cabana. We have questions! Ryback wants to be a father one day. More thoughts on CM Punk How would Ryback feel if Pat Buck ended up on Raw? How NXT is carrying the momentum of independent guys.
Will NXT hold on to talent without bringing them up? Thoughts on the WWE UK Title Tournament. Ryback's UK Tour. Special Gyms, Wifi and Nutrition in the UK. Men in odd gym poses Do you like Batista's Theme Song? PUMP IT UP! Why did Pat want to quit wrestling? Ryback explains in detail why his pre-workout is the healthy choice that gives results. Pat and Ryback explore the WWE Wellness Policy. Louisville Water When did Steroids become illegal? Sunny Stories WTF is a Wizonator? Ryback explains in detail the process of being tested for the WWE wellness policy. cocaine in the coffee? Bum's, K2 and Beard Forks. All this and much more!, feed me more nutrition available on Jan 6th, pre-orders are now available at Also Ryback's Book Wake Up it's Feeding Time, also available Jan 6th 2017. Follow the Big Guy on Twitter @ryback22 and check out for official gear, loads of multimedia, and announcements you won't find anywhere else. Follow Pat Buck on Twitter @buckneverstops and get information on WrestlePro's upcoming events and so much more at