Pod Three - Immigration is out of control, leave the EU now! 3rd January


If we don't get out of the EU soon, our population will go up by 12 million thanks to uncontrolled immigration! The think tank Migration Watch have put out a report saying unless we leave the single market, there's no way we can stop every single Tom, Dick and Abdul from crossing our borders! I spoke to Vice-Chair of Migration Watch Alp Mehmet to get his thoughts.

Are we living in a divided country? I say yes, because our controlled media no longer speak for us! Sky News this morning had a "poll" claiming we're more divided than ever thanks to Brexit, I say it's because the masses are no longer believing the likes of Sky News!

It's hardly surprising no one's listening to the Establishment media anymore. According to them, if you voted for Brexit, you're as bad as the mob who called for Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus Christ! Speaking on Radio 4 last week, writer Howard Jacobson made this idiotic comparison, saying "it is worth remembering that Pontius Pilate offered the multitude a mini-referendum… In their wisdom, the people chose the common criminal Barabbas to be released, leaving Jesus to be crucified.”

I spoke to Robert Oulds from the Bruges Group about this outrageous slur on the 17.4 million of us who voted to take back control of our country last June, and why this proves just how out of touch the liberal media really are!

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4 months ago
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