Pod Two - Trump and Putin have played a blinder over "hacking" lies! 4th January


The Establishment have been trying to drag down President Elect Trump and Putin, but it looks like The Donald is having the last laugh! Ford Motor have scrapped a planned Mexican car factory and added 700 jobs in Michigan after criticism from Trump. He's warned of a "big border tax" on US firms if they try and move their businesses to Mexico. Isn't it great to see Trump is Making America Great Again before even taking office! I spoke to US broadcaster and commentator Charlie Wolf, to get his opinion.

2016 was the year of political revolutions: first Brexit, then Trump. What will 2017 bring? You all enjoyed hearing broadcaster and DJ Liz Kershaw give her round-up of 2016 before Christmas, so I thought I'd get her back to gaze into her crystal ball and have a look at what might happen this year!

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4 months ago
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