Pod One - Gaunty agrees with Chuka Umuna?! 5th January


Today I completely agree with Chuka Umuna! Check your diaries, it's not April Fools! The Streatham MP's come out and said that new migrants must learn English before they come to the UK. Er, OK Chuka but why have you spent the past ten years defending multiculturalism? Maybe he's seen how the political winds are blowing and thinks he should switch parties to UKIP! To find out if he has a chance of being offered a gig, I spoke to the party's immigration spokesperson, John Bickley.

I've slagged off the BBC a lot in the past, but today I saw something from them that actually made me laugh. No, not James O'Brien trying to host Newsnight, a sketch called "The Real Housewives of ISIS" from BBC Two Show "Revolted". It's a parody of reality TV shows like "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", and it's a genuinely funny swipe at Islamic terrorists that's naturally got all the ISIS-appeasers and liberals up in arms. Does this finally mean that PC, bland, vanilla comedy is on the way out? We can but dream.

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4 months ago
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