For @delores

Nov 15, 2011, 01:43 PM
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nickholloway - almost 6 years ago

keep booing Delores, in listening and responding to one another we create our own authentic form of human contact. Old ways die, new ways emerge - hang in there. And keep booing :)


Delores - almost 6 years ago

Oh thanks so much Nick, what a lovely thing to say, it means so much. Last night it just hit me, well it's not just last night I have been experiencing this loneliness for quite a while now. what is really hard is how I used to be a mother of three with Richie being the youngest, of course when he died I was not needed anymore as a mother and I guess the last 14 years I have been repairing myself and before I knew it, the time has passed and I have no-one, as I say my daughters have their own lifes and they treat me a bit as if I'm a nuisance, if I say no one comes to visit me, she just shouts and says she has her own life. It's very depressing I must sort it out. I just need human contact and I guess love. Thanks for your beautiful boo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx