Pod One - Bank of England admits bonkers Brexit predictions were wrong! 6th January


With our top economists and experts so clueless, we might as well get Michael Fish to make economic predictions! Andy Haldane, the Bank of England's top economist has admitted doom-mongering Brexit forecasters had a "Michael Fish moment" after being proved monumentally wrong. The weatherman famously predicted there would be no hurricane before the great storm of 1987.

Is it all a case of innocent incompetence? I don't think so. The financial establishment deliberately tried to talk down the post-Brexit economy to scare us out of voting Out, and then tried to scare business out of this country to make us change our minds. I say Governor Mark Carney must go now! I spoke to finance strategist at BGC Partners Mike Ingram to get his take.

Obama will go down not only as a disastrous president but as the man who put race relations in America back by decades! Today after the police finally admitted the torture of a white man with special needs by four black teens in Chicago was a race-related hate crime, surely race relations can only get better under President Donald Trump? One man who certainly doesn't agree with me is Scott Lucas, Professor of American Studies at the University of Birmingham! He joined me on the show to talk Obama's legacy on race.

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4 months ago
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