Last Stand at Khe Sanh: The U.S. Marines' Finest Hour in Vietnam Apr 22, 2014 by Gregg Jones

Jan 09, 2017, 01:00 AM

Author (Photo: esieged U.S. Marines at Khe Sanh, Vietnam, watch as a U.S. Air Force McDonnell F-4 Phantom II makes close air support strike over the area. Date March 1968 Source National Museum of the U.S. Air Force photo 130605-F-DW547-016 Author Sgt. Robert F. Witowski, USAF) Twitter: @BatchelorShow

Last Stand at Khe Sanh: The U.S. Marines' Finest Hour in Vietnam Apr 22, 2014 by Gregg Jones

eview "Jones spins his tale so deftly and effectively that he draws you intimately into the battle--so much so that you become emotionally engaged...feeling the loss of comrades...feeling their pain...and witnessing the horrible ways that men are torn apart...and yet sharing their exhilaration when they succeed in overcoming huge odds. The result of Jones' efforts is a classic...." - Leatherneck Magazine

"[A] well-written and superbly researched new combat narrative.... Much of this engrossing book is devoted to individual Marines and their actions amid horrific combat. Jones, however, takes readers an important step further after Khe Sanh is saved and abandoned a few months later. In a moving epilogue, readers meet up again with several defenders and learn how their battle experiences shaped their lives afterward." - The Dallas Morning News

Advance Praise for Last Stand at Khe Sanh

"Last Stand at Khe Sanh brilliantly captures the pathos of the battle and the élan of the men defending one of Vietnam's most recognizable combat bases. Gregg Jones fuses the panoramic with the visceral boots-on-the-ground view, creating an unparalleled and highly readable narrative of Khe Sanh."—Patrick K. O'Donnell, bestselling author of Dog Company: The Boys of Pointe Du Hoc

"Last Stand at Khe Sanh is an enthralling tale of American courage and heroism. Gregg Jones brings to life one of the greatest battles in modern American military history, telling the story in such vivid detail and with such powerful writing that you'll find yourself wondering as you read how you would have responded to the horrific conditions faced by these soldiers. Stories of military valor from Vietnam are often overlooked, but this is a book you will always remember."—Jonathan Eig, bestselling author of Luckiest Man and Opening Day

"Last Stand at Khe Sanh is a powerful and moving reminder of incomparable courage and extreme heroism in the Vietnam War."—Alex Kershaw, author of the bestselling The Bedford Boys and The Longest Winter

"This is a book about what it is like to fight desperately, often at night, for your own survival. The long siege at Khe Sanh was one of the true horrors of the Vietnam War, and Gregg Jones gives it to us in all of its bloody, often hopeless, and heroic detail. Based largely on interviews with the Marines who were there, Last Stand at Khe Sanh stands as a remarkable record of what they did."—S. C. Gwynne, author of Empire of the Summer Moon and Rebel Yell

"Gregg Jones captures with compelling detail and riveting prose the human drama of the US Marines' stand at Khe Sanh, one of the bloodiest, and still most controversial, of Vietnam War battles."—George Herring, Alumni Professor of History Emeritus at the University of Kentucky and author of America's Longest War: The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975

Publishers Weekly, 4/21/2014

"This informative account serves as a testament to those who 'heeded the call of their duly constituted leaders' and 'went to Vietnam with the best of intentions,' earning 'a place of honor in American history.'"

Kirkus, 4/15/2014

"An acclaimed journalist recounts the hell that was the siege of Khe Sanh...[A] story about a long-abandoned fire base where too many died, which makes it a story worth remembering."

Washington Independent Review of Books, 4/28/14

“Jones recounts the battle with the naked honesty of the combatants who told him their stories…a c...