Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 20 the Wellness Policy Part 2

Jan 09, 2017, 06:00 AM

WWE OUTTA NOWHERE! Thoughts on the Dusty Bear Segment on Raw, who loves Buffalo Wild Wings? What's a F*cking Mark? When did Professional Wrestling turn into gymnastics? Where's our Ad Money? An inside look at Ryback's new book. Is there still some Nexus Competition? The Benefit of Hand Grips. The Dory Funk Neck Peck and Empty Pockets. Thoughts on the Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens Laughing Headlock. Alex Riley's career sabotage, was John Cena Poison to the wrestling industry? Ryback and Pat Buck finish their conversation about the WWE wellness policy in detail, including testing part time guys, announcers, etc. Final thoughts on the WWE rehab program and the Ronda Rousey fight. All this and more!, feed me more nutrition available now, pre-orders are now available at Also Wake Up it's Feeding Time, also available now! Follow the Big Guy on Twitter @ryback22 and check out for official gear, loads of multimedia, and announcements you won't find anywhere else. Follow Pat Buck on Twitter @buckneverstops and get information on WrestlePro's upcoming events and so much more at