Pod One - Attacks on Morris Dancers are an attack on our culture! 9th January


Morris dancing may be boring, but it's not racist, and it's part of our cultural heritage that we're letting slip away! At the weekend a procession of Morris dancers were attacked as they performed in Birmingham in what some SJWs described as "blackface". Why don't they read a history book and find out this has nothing to do with colour? There were rumours that the people who attacked the dancers came from a certain religion famed for its tolerance and peaceful protests, I bet you can guess which one!

I spoke to the editor of the Birmingham Mail and the Birmingham Post, Mark Reeves. He said he knew nothing about these rumours, and denied the incident was an embarrassment for the city, saying he wasn't planning on looking into it. I thought the job of a local paper was to scrutinise your local officials, not kiss their @rses!

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4 months ago
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