Pod Three - The FA Cup is dead and TV killed it! 9th January


Big TV money has killed off the magic of the FA Cup, clubs don't give a damn about the fans and the beautiful game has been stolen from the working classes who built it! Just look at the Cardiff v Fulham game, which the BBC moved to 11.30 on Sunday morning. It was watched by a pitiful 5,199 people, with Cardiff manager Neil Warnock saying "the FA Cup is a great competition but there are other priorities now.

Look also at the way working-class clubs like Millwall are having the heart ripped out of them by greedy local councils. Labour-run Lewisham council look set to force the South London club from their home in the quest to build more yuppie flats. Danny Baker got in trouble at the weekend for wishing cancer on the councillors responsible, but isn't he just angry about the destruction of his club? I spoke to another die-hard Millwall fan, football writer at The Sun Paul Jiggins about how football was taken from the working class.

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3 months ago
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