Episode 4: Ben - Bedtime for Bono

Jan 09, 2017, 05:29 PM

In the UK and Ireland, alcohol culture is wound deeply into our society. From the small Irish provincial town he was born in to London via Glasgow, Ben found this to be true at every turn.

Find out what happens when this collides with an addictive personality, self destructive tendencies and traumas of both childhood and adulthood.

Through a series of ever-more dangerous professions including a speedball-and-Guinness powered stint as a roadie, Ben's story is one of extremes and squandered talents: short stories written and then burned for heat in squats; careers discarded in the unremitting search for something else.

A poet and a natural storyteller, Ben takes us through his unravelling into homelessness, a 3-day cold turkey and the novel he's writing about his experiences, both light and dark: 'Bedtime for Bono'.

"The plan was, there was no plan".