Is Hillary Clinton Running for Mayor Against Bill De Blasio? @harrysiegel @nydn @thedailybeast



(Photo: Hillary Rodham Clinton was with Mayor Bill de Blasio for his inauguration at City Hall in 2014. Former President Bill Clinton swore the mayor in.)

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Is Hillary Clinton Running for Mayor Against Bill De Blasio? @harrysiegel @nydn @thedailybeast

“…But she’d almost certainly beat de Blasio, and you have to admit that the idea of a Clinton mayoralty is genius. It’s revenge, redemption and a chance for New Yorkers to be rescued from his shortcomings all in one.

Also, Clinton can’t spend the rest of her days in hiding and on nature walks. The woods around Chappaqua, N.Y., are lovely, dark and deep, but really. No one ever mistook her for a forest nymph. She’s a creature of pavement, pantsuits and politics. Shouldn’t she get back to all three?

De Blasio’s first term has been a turbulent mix of successes and frustrations. He delivered on his promise of universal prekindergarten for children in New York, and he put plans for affordable housing in motion. But to live here, as I do, is to notice deteriorations since the end of Mike Bloomberg’s administration: public spaces that seem dirtier, subways that feel more packed, an apparent rise in the number of homeless people on the streets.

De Blasio and aides of his are under investigation for their fund-raising activities, with grand jury decisions expected soon. Any indictments could open the door to several Democrats who have eyed the 2017 mayor’s race and so far balked at jumping into it.

But Clinton has assets that they don’t: the name recognition, donors and intense popularity among New Yorkers to nullify de Blasio’s strengths, no matter his legal fate. In the presidential election, 79 percent of New Yorkers voted for her over Trump….”




A lot of credit goes to Bill de Blasio.

He ran criticizing the police and alienated many cops since becoming mayor, especially with his initial response to the Garner video. His stagecraft continues to be clumsy, most recently when he presented this year’s final crime numbers at a supposed Brooklyn Museum “exhibit” of gritty photos of the city in the bad old days matched up with photos of it now. That turned out to be a staged backdrop, taken down the moment he walked out.

There’s also a sense among many that disorder is on the rise. If so, that seems alright to me. If cops aren’t shunting troubled people off to Rikers to keep them out of view and the city’s no more dangerous, that’s a fundamentally decent exchange.

Bottom line: De Blasio’s delivered on his big promise of a fairer and safer city. That’s a huge accomplishment, one many New Yorkers doubted he could live up to. And he’s done it with two different commissioners in first Bill Bratton and now Jimmy O’Neill.

Under O’Neill’s watch, the total number of index crimes hit a record low in 2016, with drops in every borough. The city saw fewer murders and manslaughters. Fewer forcible rapes. Fewer robberies, burglaries, larcenies and stolen cars.

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