Will Trump’s Billionaire Cabinet Boost the Almighty Dollar? @larry_kudlow CNBC. @johntamny Forbes.



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Will Trump’s Billionaire Cabinet Boost the Almighty Dollar? @larry_kudlow CNBC. @johntamny Forbes.

“…Donald Trump has lots of very bad economic proposals, he has some very good ones too, but one thing he shouldn't be criticized for is the enormous wealth of some of his appointments. Matt O'Brien of the Washington Post thinks it unspeakable that Trump would hire so many billionaires. The naive columnist thinks billionaires have conflicts that others lack, plus as he puts it, "We don't want success to be even more about who you know than what you know." What an embarrassing assertion for a nominal business writer to make from Washington, D.C. Forbes.com

All Hail Donald Trump's 'Team of Billionaires'


“…Unsurprisingly the leading lights among credentialed economists have concluded that American stagnation in a very relative sense is a function of too much capital chasing too few available advances in an economy that has allegedly reached its limits. Hazlitt expressed amazement that even the ignorant could believe in ("secular stagnation," "low-hanging fruit that's been picked") what is plainly ridiculous. Away from what is laughable, talk about too much taxation, regulation, and a lack of free trade is relevant and real, but few mention that the most important price in the world (the dollar) is a great deal weaker in 2017 than it was in 2001. This matters since the vast majority of innovation-driving investment is measured in dollars. Who knows when, but someday the dollar's stability as a measure of value will be important once again to economic thinkers in the way that it was in the '80s and '90s when the U.S. economy last boomed. When it does, watch out. The stagnationists on the left (Summers, Gordon) and right (Cowen, Levin) will have a lot of explaining to do when policymakers resume viewing money in the way that Smith, Ricardo, Keynes and Mises did. RealClearMarkets.

The Answer to Our Economic Stagnation Is Hiding In Plain Sight


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