Pod Two - This is an attempted media coup on President Trump! 11th January


Buzzfeed "journalists" who published baseless Trump rumours should be in jail! For weeks the mainstream media has been obsessed with the allegations that Russian hackers were involved in the US election, but no one seems to care that US journalists are trying to bring down President Elect Trump before he's even taken power!

The documents Buzzfeed published, in between posting lists of "20 Cats Who Look Like Dean Gaffney", were reportedly compiled by a British former intelligence agent, and made allegations about Trump's sex life as well as accusing the Kremlin of assisting his bid for the past five years. Why would Buzzfeed publish something that they admit in the piece that they have no evidence for? I spoke to former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov and before him, legendary former newspaper editor and Talk2MeRadio host, Neil 'The Wolfman' Wallis!

The BBC's job is to give licence fee payers value for money, not make their own version of Netflix! The Director General has unveiled plans to go to war with Netflix and Amazon Prime, to become Britain's biggest online TV service. Just why is Tony Hall wasting our money like this? David Vance, campaigner from the Biased BBC gave me his views.

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3 months ago
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