Trump’s Visionary Quant Bob Mercer of Renaissance Technologies Who Prefers the Company of Cats. @gzuckerman. @wsj



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Trump’s Visionary Quant Bob Mercer of Renaissance Technologies Who Prefers the Company of Cats. @gzuckerman. @wsj

“At Renaissance, many employees initially shrugged off Mr. Mercer’s political activities, assuming Mr. Trump would lose, and few were aware of the extent of Mr. Mercer’s involvement with Breitbart, according to people familiar with the firm. Later in the campaign, however, some Renaissance executives chafed at the unwanted publicity that Mr. Mercer’s political activities brought the firm, those people say.

Renaissance’s chairman and founder, James Simons, is a major donor to Democratic causes, including Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Mr. Simons declined to comment.

After Mr. Trump’s upset victory, one of his first decisions was to appoint Mr. Bannon as his chief White House strategist. He later named Ms. Conway as his White House counselor.

Ms. Mercer was appointed to the 16-member executive committee of Mr. Trump’s transition team, which is responsible for recommending administration officials. She has weighed in on personnel decisions including successfully lobbying against Mitt Romney as secretary of state and for Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general, according to people familiar with the matter.

Once Mr. Trump takes office, Ms. Mercer is likely to help lead an outside group, funded by her father, aimed at bolstering Mr. Trump’s agenda, Ms. Conway says. Republican operatives expect the organization will build its messages based in part on information collected by Cambridge Analytica, a data firm backed by the Mercers that worked on Mr. Trump’s campaign.

On Dec. 3, Mr. Mercer hosted his annual holiday party at his Long Island estate, Owl’s Nest, a bash at which most guests wear costumes. The party’s theme this year was “heroes and villains.” Mr. Bannon and Ms. Conway brought Mr. Trump as a surprise guest….”

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