Whiskey Business #008 - The Business Lads vs. The Sexy Heat

Jan 13, 2017, 12:38 PM

In the latest installment of Whiskey Business, the Business Lads come up against their strongest foe yet - the whopping 105 proof Thirteen Colonies Southern Whiskey. Luckily, we brought a friend along to help us: the maniacal Krubeck. Still, 105 ain’t playin’ son.

Listen to us talk about Christopher Lee, disturbing Japanese fashion trends, pretentious tequila infusions, and Station Rats return to wreak havoc once again. We all end up slurring our words a lot, Krubeck plugs the game he’s working on and his services as a writer, and Karl plugs his own urine. No, really.

P.S. The plural for nemesis really isn’t ‘nemisi’. Please never try to use that.

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