Former Don Dale detainee reveals death threat claim ahead of appearance at NT royal commission

Jan 14, 2017, 05:16 PM

Northern Territory Police are investigating allegations a former Don Dale detainee received a death threat ahead of his appearance before the royal commission into youth detention.

Kenny Rogan, 14, has been out of youth detention in Darwin for six months.

He has alleged that while he was there guards stripped off his clothes with a knife.

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AUDIO: Death threat made against former Don Dale inmate. (ABC News) His father, Colin Rogan, believes he has been threatened because the teenager is expected to give evidence before the commission in March.

Mr Rogan said he received a call on his mobile phone on Wednesday night.

"It was life-threatening mainly towards my son," he said.

"When I asked the caller to come around and speak to us face to face he said he'd come around at night time when we were asleep and kill the both of us. "It sounded like a person who has got a bit of authority in his life, only certain types of people talk like that: clear, concise and to the point, and very quick," he said.

"It frightened the hell out of me and my son."