#206 - Jolly Good.... History

Jan 16, 2017, 08:08 AM

Imagine if a medieval blacksmiths, Henry VIII’s noblemen, or King Richard III had to face modern times. How would they handle interviewing employees with childcare requests, Tower of London prisoner satisfaction surveys or the need to cut down on your carbon emissions when you call for “A Horse, A Horse; my Kingdom for a Horse”? We’ll show you how in this week’s episode of the Jolly Good Show.

Show Notes:

Series 2 is here! The Jolly Good Show is returning to your devices through the power of the podcast!

This series is better than ever with Jolly Good podcasts to liven up those winter days with even the addition of an extended Christmas special.

The Jolly Good Show stars Danielle Plummer, Robert Hall, Rob Stringer, Simon Lloyd and Tanya Smith. It is written and produced by Brigit Foster and Emma Gascoigne for Abrupt Audio (http://www.abruptaudio.com)

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