#207 - Jolly Good... Work

Jan 23, 2017, 07:47 AM

It’s the end of another series of The Jolly Good Show and the last time you’ll her our triumphant trumpet of comedy for now. This week we look at work “and that” and explore door to door sales, team building exercises for lions and a different kind of surgery. You’re in for a treat. Thank you to all our listeners for once again putting on your head phones and tuning in.

Show Notes:

Series 2 is here! The Jolly Good Show is returning to your devices through the power of the podcast!

This series is better than ever with Jolly Good podcasts to liven up those winter days with even the addition of an extended Christmas special.

The Jolly Good Show stars Danielle Plummer, Robert Hall, Rob Stringer, Simon Lloyd and Tanya Smith. It is written and produced by Brigit Foster and Emma Gascoigne for Abrupt Audio (http://www.abruptaudio.com).

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