ZELLA DAY – growing up in small town America, living and working in DTLA, writing her new album, and her latest single “Man On The Moon”

Jan 26, 2017, 12:00 PM

Today we are joined by singer/songwriter Zella Day! She burst onto the scene with her 2015 album ‘Kicker’ which she’s getting ready to follow up hopefully by the end of this year. She spoke with us about her latest single “Man on the Moon”, her plans to work with Producer Dan Auerbach—from the Black Keys—on her upcoming new album, and all about life in downtown Los Angeles. Zella also told us about growing up in the small town of Pinetop, AZ and playing music in her parent’s coffee shop. Make sure to subscribe to the ‘Two Hours with Matt Pinfield Podcast’ now so you don’t miss any of our upcoming conversations!