Niall Gunn, CEO at Drift GP International

Jan 27, 2017, 07:00 AM

Niall Gunn is the CEO of one of the fastest growing motorsport series globally, the Drift GP. As he says, drifting is a hard sport to describe and better seen but he sees it as more of an entertainment than first past the post one.

They have utilised many digital platforms to create a reach of 2m daily including Facebook LIve, Snapchat, Instagram and podcasts. Building the brand from scratch and see themselves as a challenger brand that's only seen 20% of its potential so far.

Niall is a motorsport fan who was a motocross rider when he was young and then saw drifting at Silverstone (with 16,000 other fans). Before become a driver himself for a couple of years.

He decided he could do a better job than those who were running it and utilised his events background to build it slowly over 2-3 years firstly part time and then as a full time business.

We also covered their use of livestreaming, especially on Facebook, why they're cautious with going for mainstream TV coverage, looked at the likes of UFC for inspiration and what the future holds for this fascinating young sport and its young motorsport fans.