16:  Ryback Rumble (Royal Rumble Preview, Ryback Interview & British Wrestling Reviews)

Jan 27, 06:00 AM

Steve Hermon, Ed Wilson and Rob Maltman reveal their picks for one of the most unpredictable #RoyalRumble matches in #WWE history! There are also a few surprise predictions from the lads and potential inside information on a possible appearance from a WWE Legend.

Also, hear a 1 to 1 interview with Ryback, who doesn't hold back on his thoughts on John Cena, CM Punk and the injury, which he thinks stopped him from becoming WWE Champion. He sat down with Scott Ilderton from North East Online Wrestling at a recent Q&A by North East Sporting Events in Gateshead. You'll also hear part of that Q&A, compered by our very own Rob Maltman.

We also look back at the WWE United Kingdom Championship and how it fared compared to the return of #WOS Wrestling on ITV and the guys discuss Progress Wrestling's Chapter 42, which they attended in Birmingham recently.

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