Trump Restarts America the Energy Superpower. Bud Weinstein, SMU.



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Trump Restarts America the Energy Superpower. Bud Weinstein, SMU.

Trump signed executive orders Tuesday advancing both the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline, based on approvals. Trump separately signed an order requiring pipeline builders to use American steel. Additionally, he signed orders expediting environmental review and approval process for high-priority infrastructure projects.

"There's other executive orders that speed up the environmental review process, and I believe that will open up the door to these other stalled projects going through," said Daniel Clifton, head of policy research at Strategas.

Clifton said there were about 10 other energy projects, totaling $7 billion, that were turned down or held up since the Obama administration rejected the estimated $10 billion Keystone XL Pipeline in November 2015.

Among the other projects are the $3 billion Atlantic Sunrise project in Pennsylvania, delayed in March, and the $3 billion Jordan Cove LNG project in Oregon, rejected in March. The $700 million Gateway Pacific coal terminal was rejected in May, and the PennEast Pipeline, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, was delayed in March. The $5.1 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina was delayed in April.

Jan 31, 12:00 AM
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Corlyss - 8 months ago

I remember back in the bad ol' days, when JB was with ABC on XM/Sirius and he would bark "Energy Security! There is none!" Terrific that we are a continental nation and have so much that if we can survive "energy dependence created and enforced by policy," we will have energy security for decades.