Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 23: A Post Rumble Over the Top Episode!

Jan 30, 2017, 06:00 AM

Ryback has a PO BOX! The Big Guy says good-bye to his beloved dog. The Circle of Life. After a month off, the Big Guy is back to making towns. Travel Adventures and Burpees. Airplanes and Misery. How did Ryback do in the Royal Rumble? Betting odds and Titus O'Neil The days of wrestling Surprises are gone. Ryback talks about last minute Royal Rumble Booking. Free-balling it in the ring! Pat had a great sold out CAP show in NY! Ryback and a naked Thez Press. What is BG EAST? 40 minutes of tummy punching! Ryback-flips I NEED A SEAT! Broken Chair Distractions and lawsuits. Why is the WWE calling Starland Ballroom? Ryback makes a strong Starland Ballroom Prediction! What's the better show, Raw or Smackdown? Why was Zack Ryder a bully to Pat Buck this week? what makes a World Champion? My Gear My Gear! Will Ryback have a new finisher on the independents? A wrestlers worst enemy is time off. Ryback's brilliant idea with Mike Orlando All this and much more!, feed me more nutrition available now! Also Wake Up it's Feeding Time, also available now!

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