LOCKED ON FALCONS - Feb. 3, 2017 - Ultimate Super Bowl 51 Preview with Jonathan Jones and Mike Renner


Allen and Aaron are Locked on #Falcons, talking with Sports Illustrated’s Jonathan Jones and Pro Football Focus’ Mike Renner about the storylines and matchups for Super Bowl 51 against the #Patriots. With Jonathan they discuss Atlanta’s veteran leadership, the healing done by the organization in regards to QB Michael Vick, why the Falcons should win and the recent mixture of politics and sports. Mike joins (24:20) and discusses the Falcons success with play action, Patriots’ preferred scheme to slow down the Falcons, how each secondary matches up with the other’s receivers and red-zone advantages. They finish the show with Allen naming his breakout player and each give their final predictions for the games outcome. Jonathan is on twitter: @jjones9 and so is Mike: @pff_mike

Feb 03, 03:45 AM
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