Episode 116 - Kool A.D. (Party Animal, Das Racist)

Feb 05, 2017, 01:56 PM

And now, back to the format with a big one! Rapper Kool A.D. sits down to talk with Damian! Listen in as the two discuss how Kool A.D. went from a rap and power violence lovin' drummer to being on the cover of Spin as well as art, politics and tons more!

Also touched on:

Rap name or real name

Warren brings Misfit’s Static Age over and the gates open

Joe Franky and Axis Reocrds

Gilman: The Misfits of Bay Area

The last Spazz Show

Dorkastra becomes Vlad and The Impalers

Seeing the spike punk Monster Squad

Dr. Bombay’s music store

getting the drums

A musical household

“I don’t kick it at the merchtable no more”

Todays world is a punk conversation from the 90’s

Sammy from All Bets Off (RIP)

Orlando and Special Forces

The history of skinheads

When the musicians you love are the worst…

Reclaiming art and symbols

Why you make art

Being drawn to art with no rules

Bay Area Rap and Punk


making money off art

The various takes of Chuck D