Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 24: FINISH HIM!

Feb 06, 2017, 06:00 AM

The 5% athlete! Funny Reviews! How was Ryback's PO BOX used against Pat? I'm afraid I have some BAD NEWS. Why was Ryback advertised in the Middle East? Interesting Middle Eastern Pro Wrestling Policies. R-Truth and a Prince! Don't misquote Ryback! Pat's a Ginger, who cares? Ryback was NOT number 26 in the Rumble. Pat is proud of his Burpees. Ryback talks about what it was like being the new guy in WWE. Pat and the Speakeasy Swingers Party! The Ryback and Britney Spears Connection. Johnny Rodz and his Five Dollar Backyard Wrestling School.
Pat Buck vs. Manny Fernandez. Loud Noises! Rumble Thoughts! An inside look a how the Dirt Sheets Work. Are Finishers Dead in Wrestling? Ryback tells a GREAT Big Show Story! is Yoshi Tatsu an alien? Pat and Ryback talk about some of the WORST finishers in Wrestling.
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