Simon Dent, Founding Partner at Dark Horses

Feb 07, 2017, 07:00 AM

Simon's background is in law and being a sports agent, not the usual background for someone starting up a sports marketing agency as he did in 2016.

We spoke about this background and how he came to set up an agency within the Lucky General's business. The first to come out of their set up with others ready to follow.

We also touched on the subjects of;

  • how clubs/agencies can become lazy due to the passion of the fans who have become 'turnstyle fodder'.
  • Clubs should start behaving more like they are brands and why
  • How 2012 Olympics changed the marketing landscape
  • The difficult decisions to be made when it comes to fan engagement in stadiums. When it should be used especially with digital, and when it's best left alone
  • Making brands relevant in sports events
  • Are sports teams giving away too much content to platforms and missing opportunities when it comes to data and monetisation
  • Some of the most exciting times he's had on the Dark Horses journey so far
  • What's next for the company in 2017

You can connect with Simon on @SimonJDent

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