New study of the Earth’s core - SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 20 Episode 11

Feb 10, 2017, 01:02 PM

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*New study of the Earth’s core Scientists say they may be one step closer to solving on of the mysteries of the Earth’s core. Researchers are pretty sure that about 85 percent of the Earth's core is made of iron, while nickel makes up an additional 10 percent. But mystery still surrounds the composition of the remaining five percent.

*Ancient asteroid collisions A new study has found that the composition of meteorites hitting the Earth has changed dramatically following a massive asteroid collision 466 million years ago.

*Alien planetary system captured in a new movie Scientists have put together a movie which for the first time ever actually shows planets in a distant system orbiting their host star. Four planets have been captured orbiting a young star known as HR8799 which is located some 129 light years away.

*New radiation belt research satellite launched A new satellite designed to study the Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts has been launched by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency – JAXA. The ERG satellite blasted into orbit aboard a new enhanced version of Japan’s Epsilon rocket.

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