2/10/17 10 PM - Top of the Hour Newscast

Feb 11, 2017, 06:08 AM

Reno Police have released the names of two people found shot to death in Southeast Reno yesterday (Thursday). The two people are 24-year-old Alex Muratalla of Sparks and 45-year-old Rachel Tams of Reno. Police say it was likely a murder suicide. They say it looks as though Muratalla shot Tams and then shot himself. The investigation into the deaths determined that the two had previously talked about committing suicide together, and there were no indications that Tams was an unwilling participant in the incident. Their bodies were found early Thursday afternoon about a mile north of the end of Rio Wrangler Road in a secluded area east of Veterans Parkway and north of Steamboat Parkway.