Kaufman's Holiday Episode 6

Feb 13, 09:43 PM

Kaufman’s on a “holiday”, which is any day he’s not working a case. Like today, for instance. Anyways, this dame, Maura, comes into Sully’s bar. Her pop’s just thrown some big to do for her war hero brother. Only her brother’s a louse, and a Jew-hater to boot, and it’s debatable just how much a hero he actually is. What’s beyond question, however, is now he’s dead. Cops say it was an accident. Maura says she needs a P.I.

Looks like the holiday is over.

"Kaufman's Holiday" is about a self-loathing Jewish detective who's hired to investigate the death of an anti-Semitic war hero. Race hostility is ripe, income inequality abounds, corruption goes hand in hand with politics. Sound familiar? Welcome to 1945.

Name’s Matt Mitler. I wrote this book, and I’m reading from it. It’s serialized, so don’t go holding your breath for the denouement.

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mattmitler - 8 months ago

Dear Matt,

HI. I’m three days into an 8 day solitude retreat for myself and it is delicious! Today as my “Play” aspect I listened to the latest flow of Kaufman’s Holiday. An intriguing chapter to lure us back into the struggle of the story to integrate mind, body and soul into the unpacking of mystery. A good hour of play for me and I’m hooked again...............Thanks.

Peace, Love, Patience and Purpose in all......................................