Episode 22: Incredible Partners

Feb 15, 2017, 08:57 PM

The Lucha Talk podcast has the start of a very special episode as they start their quest of their version of a potential WWE tournament in México, raiding the Lucha scene. (Don't worry, CMLL will still have like 80 guys) On top of that, we give a rundown of Chavo Guerrero Sr./Chavo Classic's career as he passed away, go over a pretty fun episode of AAA Worldwide, a Parejas Increibles tournament from CMLL that Lige fell asleep during, and an incredible Maestro-style match from 4 amazing Lucha technicians. And of course Fredo updates us on the season finale of Blue Demon...along with the announcement of season 2!

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And check our brackets for our hand-picked (but randomly matched) WWE México Tournament:

Bárbaro Cavernario vs. Titán

Dragon Lee vs. Miedo Extremo

Rocky Lobo vs. Daga

Pagano vs. Ronnie Mendoza

Golden Magic vs. Black Tauro

Sammy Guevara vs. Soberano Jr

Hechicero vs. Puma Flamita vs. Volador Jr