2/16/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind


One of the biggest problems we face in this country is in our colleges and universities. We have parents who go into debt sending their kids to college and they come out as radical Marxists, or democratic socialists — completely different from when they went in! It’s not their fault, but because of the propaganda they learn there. Too often universities turn out people who hate their own country and despise their own faith. Many times universities promote a statist orthodoxy and ideology that is hostile to America's origins. We are witnessing a death march in education today and we are going bankrupt for it. In addition, Caleb O’Neill was suspended from Orange Coast College for posting a video of his professor’s anti-Trump tirade. Why shouldn’t students be able to video tape their classrooms? This has nothing to do with intimidating and silencing professors but exposing those trashing President Trump. After that, media in this country doesn't understand that they are hated by everybody. The radical leftists know the media is liberal and don't think they are aggressive enough and the rest of America knows the media is liberal and we can’t stand them. Later, if intelligence agencies just happened upon Michael Flynn speaking to the Russian ambassador they would have needed a warrant for that. We are supposed to have some protection as private citizens. You don’t hear an outcry from the ACLU or any of the other civil liberties folks who are just as fake as the media. This is not a scandal because of Flynn but because of Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch.

Feb 17, 02:03 AM
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