Episode 118 - Bobb Bruno (Best Coast, The For Carnation, Uphill Gardeners)

Feb 17, 2017, 06:44 PM

Welcome dear listener to another amazing episode! Why is it amazing? Because you get to hear the GREAT Bobb Bruno of Best Coast talk about his journey in music! Sit back and enjoy as the two discuss Bobb’s taste that had him seeing The Dickies during the LA Riots, Steve Aoki with Farside and Beck jamming with the dude from the Bats (CT).

Also touched on:

The Black Flag tape in grade 4

Punk Violence and The B-52’s?

Buying Target videos from Tower

The Mentors Mystic Value Pack

Punk taste informed by Metallica’s shirts

Loving DRI’s 22 tracks!

Going to see Kiss just to see Anthrax

Seeing Slayer with opener Danzig

Convincing you

Seeing the Dickies on the night of the LA Riots…. with Yesterday’ s Tear

Electric Love Hogs: The Pre-Goldfinger metal band

Seeing Mansona: Japanese Noise comes to LA

Forming the Uphill Gardeners

The LA indie scene

Revelation Records goes West

Steve Aoki sings with Farside

The For Carnation

Not even being that into Slint

Jamming with Mario Rubalcaba

Being into everything

Heart’s Get Crushed

I don’t gig on Fridays!:Going to see John Bryan play every Friday

Making ONE exception to play with Unwound

Elliot Smith, Fiona Apple and Beck’s Jam sessions blow up the spot

Getting to jam with John

The Bats (US) and Gustav Records