Pod One - Trump adviser calls out BBC Fake News! 17th February


The BBC is finished and last night's Newsnight proved it! Evan Davis was interviewing Deputy Assistant to President Trump Seb Gorka yesterday, and when Gorka told him the BBC was "fake news" he looked like he was about to cry! The controlled media have no idea how to deal with a president who treats them with such contempt like Trump does, so they just resort to calling him a racist or an anti-Semite! After yesterday's demolition of Davis, which followed a press conference where The Donald openly laughed at BBC reporter Jon Sopel calling the BBC "free, fair and balanced", no one can doubt that Trump has played a blinder with the media!

I know Trump has his critics, but is his presidency really going to last less than 5 months? I spoke to Dr Ronald Feinman, professor at Florida Atlantic University live from the states, who told me Trump will either go or be forced out in a matter of months, and that his presidency will be the second shortest in American history! There is no way Trump is leaving before his terms are up, and if he's pushed out by the Establishment there will be civil war in America!

The same Fake News agenda that targets Donald Trump is also after UKIP. Paul Nuttall addressed the party's spring conference in Bolton today, and was clearly emotional after he was given a standing ovation in support. He was wrong in how he handled the Hillsborough incident, but the way he has been treated by the press has been appalling, and will drive more former Labour voters towards UKIP! I spoke to UKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle live from the conference.

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Emperors-New-Clothes - about 1 month ago

Brilliant show. Gaunty you have no idea how good a show you have. Love it.