Sandra Martin, Feb 19, 2017 - Snapshots: Memories and Recipes - from an A-List Literary Agent

Feb 20, 2017, 03:13 AM

Sandra Martin, Snapshots: Memories and Recipes

Names were dropped. 1/Ingo Swann and (derailed) dinner party caper. 2/John Cleese and hands on healing in a crowded restaurant. Those stories are included in the interview. One that we didn't cover is a fascinating past life reveal that explains an unusual life long connection with France. That's in the book.

My fav recipe in the book: Grandmother Maude's Orange Chiffon Cake 

Unintended plot twist: Typo in the recipe. Really.

When I told Lisa (Sandra's Daughter) we were practicing our cake skills and adjusting the cooking time, we both laughed. Then I explained what I meant

Cake number one baked at 65 minutes was a bit dry but tasty. Andy and I figured our special gas oven was so efficient it just did a better job than one Grandma might have relied on when she used her recipe.

Cake number two baked at 45 minutes was significantly more moist and the frosting seemed to cover better. Yum!    Lisa's birthday is before mine. I was waiting to post our results when I got a note from Sandra. She discovered a typo in the book recipe when she was making Lisa's birthday cake. Really. That's right.

Bake time should be: 35 minutes. Cake number three was just right.

Recipe is on the blog. Wendy's Coffeehouse