WBC Preview: Venezuela & Dominican Republic

Feb 20, 2017, 04:53 AM

1:30: Venezuelan team with Octavio Hernández (@octaviolider) — Analyst for Venezuelan National Team’s scouting department 10:30: King Félix 17:15: Why some players choose not to play for their national team 19:30: Dominican Republic team with José Gómez (@JoseEGomezF) — Director Of Baseball Ops @EscogidobbClub, Asst. General Manager for Dominican National Team 31:20: Starlin Marte playing center field 37:55: State of technology for tracking prospects in the region 41:20: Health of academies in the current political environment 47:50: The dwindling enthusiasm for the Caribbean Series 50:20: Enthusiasm for the WBC and thoughts about its current rules and future