WBC Preview: Mexico

Feb 21, 2017, 07:39 PM

2:10: Introduction to Tadeo Varela (@TadeoVarela), sabermetric analyst for Toros de Tijuana and Charros de Jalisco 2:40: Introduction to Bambino Sedano (@bambino_sedano), reporter for Puro Beisbol 3:40: Who is or isn’t playing on Team Mexico — Khris Davis news 7:20: Excitement in Mexico for the WBC 12:30: Sabermetrics in Mexico 13:40: Japhet Amador, El Gigante de Mulegé 16:45: Nicknames 18:45: Names unfamiliar to the MLB crowd including the Mike Trout of Mexico! 20:50: Overall pitching strength of Team Mexico 28:00: LMB vs LMP 30:15: Pool D projections 32:45: Some additional names to watch