Collective Bargaining, Branstad To China, 1st Female Governor [Small Town Friends]

Feb 22, 2017, 01:50 PM

“Small Town Friends” Chance & Jake return to discuss the recent dismantling of Iowa’s public employees’ collective bargaining rights, Governor Terry Branstad’s upcoming move to Beijing as the US Ambassador to China, & Lt. Governor Kim Reynold’s expected promotion to become Iowa’s first-ever female governor.

Jake’s parents were both public employees & members of their local union for years, so he’s understandably upset by the move by Iowa Republican legislators to dismantle collective bargaining rights that have been a part of the state for around four decades. While Governor Scott Walker faced a lot repercussions for similar legislation in Wisconsin, the Trump administration has named Iowa Governor Terry Branstad as its pick for ambassador to China, so while Branstad seems rather protected from political fallout over collective bargaining, only time will how Iowa Senate & House Republicans will fair in upcoming elections. Finally, with Branstad on his way out, a previously rather unknown Republican State Senator is slated to become Iowa’s first-ever female governor, and position herself as the incumbent candidate for the 2018 gubernatorial election. All that & more on this episode of the Des Moines FM Podcast.

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