Neil Smythe, former Head of Sport at Shotglass/Fremantle Media

Feb 24, 2017, 08:00 AM

My guest, Neil Smythe, has a background steeped in football video production with the likes of Soccer AM, Copa90 and The Football Republic on his CV.

He was the first production hire at Copa90 as it launched as one of the YouTube Originals channels. Having to decipher a content and audience development strategy from scratch. He then moved onto Fremantle Media to expand upon FullTime Devils and launch a series of club channels, and then the main Football Republic channel.

We discussed a number of topics that he's passionate about. How football fan channels have evolved and have in some recent articles been shown in a not so positive light. He counters a lot of this through his experiences in the field.

We also cover Facebook Live, the blurring of lines of who are actually broadcasters and what the 'platforms' roles in this actually is. There's some great lessons for anyone working with social video and looking to grow audiences through this strategy.

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